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MTM Scientific Inc offers AM Radio DX Loop Antenna, Parts, Kits and Plans. AM loop Antenna (white). Antenna Base Part IH5-ANT-B (NOT INCLUDED). Support. Support. Product Manual. There are no product manuals available for the IH5-ANT. View the IH5-ANT support page for registration, FAQs, and more. Live. Life. Loud. Sign In Create Account Products Deals View All Write a Review. 30 Jul 2007 A 2 foot AM / Medium Wave Loop antenna in use. It has been a while since I last reported on passive AM loop antennasthe smallish variety that are such a cost-effective way to perk up your AM radio reception on the cheap. If you haven39t tried one out you39re in for a treat! The good folks at Tecsun Australia just sent me their Tecsun AN-100 BELAR LP-1 AND LP-1A AM SHIELDED LOOP ANTENNAS LP-1/LP-1A Photo.

DESCRIPTION. Belar Shielded Loop Antennas are recommended when excessive electrical interference exists, or in the presence of an interfering station. The basic design of a loop receiving antenna reduces electrostatic noise, and by using  An AM loop antenna is one of the true marvels of electronics. Requiring no power, it takes advantage of the resonant properties of an inductor and a capacitor connected in parallel to receive weak AM stations. The physics of resonance allows it to have substantial gain, even though it is comprised of passive components! Find great deals on eBay for Am Loop Antenna in Radio Parts and Accessories. Shop with confidence. The Tecsun AN-100 AM Loop Antenna is designed to improve the reception of weak AM radio signals. AM Loop Antenna. AM loop antenna that covers MW / LW / AM. 17.

5 x 15.5 cm. The aerial features a 1 metre lead. 634-01 ACTIVE AM Loop Antenna. The 634-01 ACTIVE Loop Antenna is recommended for optimal reception when used with our INOmini 634 AM Monitor/Receiver. 3 Apr 2016 REUPLOAD - Sorry folks, but YouTube decided to fill all the blank spaces with static in the last go-round. Call me picky, but I just couldn39t stand it so h Results 1 - 48 of 1728 TERK PI-B Amplified Indoor Stereo AM/FM Antenna. With this Terk PI-B amplified indoor antenna, you can enhance the signal strength of your AM/FM receiver for clear, uninterrupted radio reception. Non-Coinduction circuitry and Gamma Loop technology reduce interference for optimal performance. AM Loop Antenna from MTM Scientific, Inc.

Jamie, maybe try this shape instead for your AM. That way the antenna can help separate a desired signal from unwanted interference. In the real world convenience and space often limit the possibilities for antennas, but fortunately the loop antenna is a very effective and convenient MW antenna. Every MW listener should have one even if they have larger outdoor  Medium Wave (MW) AM broadcast band loop antenna. Built using cheap 4 pair (8 wire) telephone 39ribbon39 cable, (optionally) housed in cheap garden 13mm (half A multiband receiver may contain tap points along the loop winding in order to tune the loop antenna at widely different frequencies. In AM radios built prior to the discovery of ferrite in the mid-20th century, the antenna might consist of dozens of turns of  PK39s Loop Antennas bring clear long range AM radio reception for homes and commercial use. We also sell Quality AM/FM, DAB, shortwave and longwave radios. (Listening to FM/AM broadcastslink). If you are unable to receive a good broadcast signal, we recommend installing an outdoor antenna. For details, inquire at the retail store where you purchased the unit. NOTE. Do not connect two FM antennas simultaneously. Make sure the AM loop antenna lead terminals do not touch  17 Nov 2013 Among the Ultralight DX39ing crowd (those who DX the AMBC band with small, cheap receivers) FSL antennas are a source of great interest they offer good gain and directivity in a small and portable package. However, I had almost all the materials on hand to build a simple tuned loop and as, typically,  Buy Used and Save: Buy a Used "AM Loop Antenna AM / HD Radio Antenna Loop" and save 70 off the 19.99 list price. Buy with confidence as the condition of this item and its timely delivery are guaranteed under the "Amazon A-to-z Guarantee". See all Used offers.